The Audit Committee Forum has published and distributed a number of position papers and alerts to date. These position papers serve as reference and guidelines to fellow audit committee members and directors on the duties of the audit committee as well as topical governance issues.

Position Papers


  • ACF Alert 1
    Audit committees top 10 to do’s for 2009; Considerations related to the current financial crisis. (Withdrawn)
  • ACF Alert 2
    Establishment and membership of audit committees in terms of the new Companies Act and King III.
  • ACF Alert 3
    Responsibilities of the Audit committee with regard to integrated reporting.
  • ACF Alert 4
    The audit committee’s role with regard to the finance function and internal audit – King III.
  • ACF Alert 5
    The audit committee’s role in the risk management process (King III).
  • ACF Alert 6
    The audit committee’s role with regard to external audit.
  • ACF Alert 7
    The audit committee terms of reference.
  • ACF Alert 8
    The audit committee report to be included in the annual report.
  • ACF Alert 9
    Legislation and codes governing audit committees – update on the current situation.
  • ACF Alert 10
    Ten-To-Dos for audit committees in 2010. (Withdrawn)
  • ACF Alert 11
    Ten-To-Dos for audit committees in 2011.
  • ACF Alert 12
    Assessment of audit committee.
  • ACF Alert 13
    Assessment of audit committee member.
  • ACF Alert 14
    An Audit Committee update on director’s duties stemming from the Centro case in Australia.
  • ACF Alert 15 (updated)
    Guideline for the audit committee on tax governance.
  • ACF Alert 16
    Audit Reform.
  • ACF Alert 17
    Audit Committee Priorities for 2014
  • ACF Alert 18
    On the 2015 Audit Committee Agenda
  • ACF Alert 19
    2015 Board Agenda